If you are reading this website, you more than likely spend time reading blogs, hanging out on forums, and making some really good “friends” despite the fact that you have not met face to face. That is exactly my scenario with the author of Patriot Earth. Ian spends more days per year in the backcountry than most of us even wish we could! Therefore, it was an honor to make this knife for him based on some specific needs.

It started with a blade shape idea. Ian knew what he wanted, and sent me some sketches. He left the liberty of the handle up to me. Once we got a final sketch agreed to, it was all a matter of making it happen from there. The specific design features that Ian wanted to address were the following:

- The absence of a guard that prevents the knife from going onto a cutting board (which is usually a log for me) because 50% of what I do with a knife in the backcountry involves working with food.

- Second the smooth transition from the edge of the blade to the spot where the choil would be if it had one prevents that edge from catching on stuff, which I find eternally annoying about some 4″ and shorter knives.

- Though it’s not bushcraft, I like the bump forward design because it puts the wide part of the blade out where I need it for spreading stuff on bread or crackers, lame, I know, but we have to be honest about what a knife gets used for.  =)

According to Ian “ It also has all the functional aspects which have taken me years to determine specifically what I want.” I couldn’t agree more : ) The end result is a design that give a nod to the old north woods styles, yet still contains my style and what I feel is important in a handle.

I wanted Ian to name this knife and he came up with “Bitterroot.“  After the environment that it was designed for; The Bitterroot Mountains that he’ll be working in this summer (also a wild edible plant).

Additional Specs:

Blade Length: 4 1/8”

Overall Length: 8 5/8” (with extended pommel)

Thickness: 1/8”

Grind: Flat grind, convex secondary

Steel: O1

Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $315.00

Thickness Options:

1/8″ – $0

Steel Options:
01 – $0

Grind Options:

Scandi – $0

Flat – Default Grind (Default finish for flat grinds is a belt finish unless hand finish is specified)

Convex – $0

Handles (Micarta):

Green Canvas – $0

Black Canvas – $0

Natural Canvas – $0

Red Linen – $0

G10 – $0

Maroon Linen – $10

Handles (Wood):

Cocobolo – $20

Bocote – $20

African Blackwood – $25

Stabilized Curly Birch – $90

Desert Ironwood – $40

Desert Ironwood Burl – $65

Curly Maple – $25

Maple – $20

Cherry – $20

Walnut – $20

Something else in mind? I can do almost anything you want. Contact us for pricing.


Stainless (default on micarta and G10) - $0

Brass (default on woods) – $0

Mosaic – $20 (see this link for styles)



Blue – $5

Black- $5

White- $5

Red- $5

1/8″ Black Paper Linen – $10 (see this link for example)


Normal Foldover sheath – $0

No Sheath – (subtract $20)

Matching Firesteel (Army Sized Light My Fire Blank) – $25