BRKT Mikro Canadian

I picked up two of these. One because it had pink G10 and my wife just had to have it The other was for me.

I am going to start this off as just a mini-review and I will add more detail the more I use it. The reason I decided to write up a mini-review is because I know all the measurements are posted. I got out the ruler, and tried to visualize when the end product would be like. But, I was still shocked at how small this little guy was when it showed up! I figured it was a good excuse for some pictures.

Here are 3 trying to show the scale of the knife.

My reason for getting this is for a new EDC pocket carry. I recently had incident with the knife I was using for that purpose, and didn’t have anything to fit the bill. So, I ended up with a much too big knife in my pocket

As a pocket knife replacement, almost any blade size will do. 99% of the time is spent opening packages, cutting tape, fishing line, cutting a sandwich, etc. All of these, I have already done with this knife. No issues as you would assume.

Any time I leave the house though, with one knife in my pocket, I am always thinking in the back of my mind “how much can I do with this one?”

Being that this one is so small, I figured I had to test that. So, what better way than with wood?

First I tried a tent peg:

Then, back to my favorite topic…..FIRE! I tried making some curls. This is a bit more difficult. Not because of sharpness, but because I usually use a lot of blade length to do this. So, I had to modify my style a bit, but it still did it.

April 27, 2008 Update
I received this knife on March 2, 2008. After having it in my pocket every day, I really did like using this one. The sheath that came with it was not really meant to be a “pocket” sheath. Being that I am an amateur leather bender and all, I decided to make up my own pocket sheath to put this in my front pocket. I also incorporated a holder for a Fisher Space Pen. I am always in need of a pen, and it is great having these two together in this package.

I actually made this sheath on April 5th, and have carried it everyday since then. So far, it has worked out excellent. If you are not into stitching leather yourself, Derrick at Knives Ship Free carries a pocket sheath with pen holder as well. In fact, that is where I got the idea for the sheath. I just couldn’t justify buying one when I have all sorts of leather sitting around at home.