The Camp Boner

No, you did not misread the name! :D But, what else would you expect from us! I will explain the name.

I made this knife for my own personal use in the kitchen. It has quickly become my wife and I’s favorite kitchen knife because it is so stinking sharp that anything you touch almost pops apart by itself. Add a sheath to it and it turns it into the perfect camp kitchen “utility” type knife.

We have been using this in the kitchen for some time and I said “Do you think we should sell this model?” Jen said “Yes.” I said “Okay. We need a name for it.” Jen said “I am not good with names. I always come up with boring stuff. How about the Camp Chef.” I said “It is not really a Chef knife though.” Jen said “Well, what kind is it?” I said “It is kind of more like a boning knife.” I smiled and then said “The Camp Boner.” We both started cracking up and couldn’t stop. There is no way we could call it anything else after that :D

After all that, it had better live up to the name. Here it is.

The finish on this is a forced patina, and is optional. You will have to specify if you want it, otherwise it will come hand sanded. I did this to my knife because I wanted O1, and didn’t want to worry about staining, washing, etc in our kitchen.


Blade Length: 4 3/4″

Overall Length:9 3/8:

Thickness: 3/32″

Steel: O1

Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $285.00




Thickness Options:

3/32″ – $0



Steel Options:
01 – $0

Grind Options:



Flat – $0 (Default finish for flat grinds is a belt finish unless hand finish is specified)

Handles (Micarta):

Green Canvas – $0

Black Canvas – $0

Natural Canvas – $0

Red Linen – $0

G10 – $0

Maroon Linen – $10

Handles (Wood):

Cocobolo – $20

Bocote – $20

African Blackwood – $25

Stabilized Curly Birch – $90

Desert Ironwood – $40

Desert Ironwood Burl – $65

Curly Maple – $25

Maple – $20

Cherry – $20

Walnut – $20

Something else in mind? I can do almost anything you want. Contact us for pricing.



Stainless (default on micarta and G10) - $0

Brass (default on woods) – $0

Mosaic – $20 (see this link for styles)


Blue – $5

Black- $5

White- $5

Red- $5

1/8″ Black Paper Linen – $10 (see this link for example)


Normal Foldover sheath – $0

No Sheath – (subtract $20)