Scandi Necker

I have worn and used a neck knife in the past. I was without one for quite some time, and decided I wanted one again. In going to the shop to knock one out, I figured “What the heck, let’s scandi grind this sucker.”

And here it is:

Leather wrapped.

Twist cord wrap.

Flat cord wrap.


Kydex sheath photos come soon.


Blade Length: 2 3/4″

Overal Length: 6 1/2″

Thickness: 1/8″

Steel: O1

Grind: Scandi


Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $200.00


Thickness Options:

1/8″ – $0


Steel Options:
01 – $0

Handle :

Bare - $0

Leather wrapped - $5

Flat paracord warpped - $5

Twisted paracord wrapped - $5


Leather - $0

Kydex – $0

Scout Sized Light My Fire Firesteel Blank (Can be worked into the sheath if desired) - $10