Navigation Techniques

These videos are not meant to be a complete course in navigation. The are but a very small portion of some of things you really need to know. There is a reason for the videos, and since I took the trouble to make them, I figured I would post them here as well.

There is always a lot of navigation talk in the outdoor forums. One of the popular methods for taking a bearing from a map is to “orient the map” and then take your bearing. I have always preached that I really dislike this method, and that there is a better way. However, it never really comes off well in words, and people don’t understand it. So, I decided to make a video about it, and then to go ahead and cover a couple other topics while I was at it.

So, with that, here a some navigation videos. My titles are being funky on me, so the Titles in order are: Orienting Your Map, Taking a Bearing, Declination Part 1 and Declination Part 2.

Orienting Your Map

Taking a Bearing

Declination Part 1

Declination Part 2