Knife/Cutting Tools Info

It is probably no surprise to most that I am a huge knife nut. I am into them way more that I probably should be :)

This topic here is REALLY the reason for me wanting to put this website together. For one, I find a lot of people interested in learning how to sharpen knives with a belt sander (like I do). So, I have spent many, many hours sending e-mails to folks try to help them out. After doing this a few times, I realized that I was sending the same stuff over and over again. That is when I came up with the plan to type it out once (or make a video) and make the info readily available.

Not only that, there are a lot of different knife grinds out there, and a lot of terminology that gets messed up. By hopefully clarifying some of that stuff, people not so into knives can make a better decision on what they want for themselves, without owning dozens of knives……like some of us :)

Here is a list of articles and videos pertaining to knives.


Knife Grinds Explained
Grind Finishes
Grind Dynamics
Favorite Grinds
Sharpening Videos
Modifying a Hand Axe for Performance