Aldrya and Aldrya XL

Aldrya (ALL-dree-ah) and Aldrya XL


I  intended this knife to replace a lightweight folding knife on backpacking trips.

Keeping the mission in mind, there were two main goals for this knife; To keep the overall weight low, and to have maximum blade length while keeping the overall length as small as possible.


Here are the design features considered when making this knife.

- Thickness from edge to spine: Was kept on the small side for this knife. More steel was going to add more weight.

- Less handle thickness: A trade mark of my style is generally a fairly large, shapely, hand filling handle. That is because I want knives to be comfortable after hours upon hours of use. However, keeping the backpacking goal here in mind, and the overall weight, I wanted a smaller lighter and more streamlined knife. The intentions for this knife is not go sit for hours and do a bushcraft project. It was designed for more casual use, yet to still be comfortable.

- Steel thickness: Offered in 1/8” and 3/32”: A backpacking knife is generally called upon to do lighter tasks, such as opening food, cutting food, cutting rope, and depending on the area, even fire prep. Sharpness and slicing ability rule! Yet any that have used thin steel hard knows that a thin knife can still take plenty of abuse. Should you need to call upon it for more strenuous tasks, the benefits of a fixed blade over your folder will make it worth its weight in gold.

- Maximum blade length, but still minimum overall length: This was done first by giving the desired blade dimension. Then, to cut down length, a formal “guard” was eliminated. Instead, besides the palm swell and generous curve was put in place before the cutting edge. There is also another slight palm swell, so that the handle is shaped in all 3 dimensions. I felt, again with the intended plans for this knife, that these things are good for reducing possibility for forward movement of the hand toward the cutting edge. Just a quick aside, on my knife philosophy; Most “cutting” motions tend to pull the knife from your hand, rather than force your hand forward. I consider the design of the “butt” just as important as the guard. Also, any motion that you do that wants to move the hand forward should be handled through a combination of secure grip, provided by the shape of the handle, or proper knife hold (such as placing the butt in the palm of your hand). Proper handle shape will help decrease the possibility of movement, while proper knife hold will eliminate it all together. Proper knife hold should be utilized any time there is a chance of that occurring. With that in mind, I tend to be more comfortable with “less” guard than most, but will design anywhere from a generous guard, all the way down to almost nothing, depending on the knife intentions.


Also, of special note, this knife was designed around a smaller hand. Therefore I think it is better medium sized to small hands. The reason is I have found that the “forward” grip works just fine for me, but when I turn the knife completely around and use the “backhand” grip, I feel my hand fills up the handle too much. With the smaller hands that have tried this knife, all different knife grips worked extremely well.


I like this knife so well, and the style, I made one for my hand. Being the creative person that I am just decided to call the larger version the Aldrya XL.


Enough talking about it, here are the pics.


Additional Specs (Aldrya):

Blade Length:3 5/8″

Overall Length: 7 3/4″

Thickness: 3/32″ or 1/8″

Grind: High Flat grind, with polish convex secondary bevel.

Steel: O1 (Considering offering this one in other steels as well)


Additional Specs (Aldrya XL):

Blade Length: 4 1/8″

Overall Length: 8 1/2″

Thickness: 3/32″ or 1/8″ 

Grind: High Flat grind, with polish convex secondary bevel.

Steel: O1 (Considering offering this one in other steels as well)


Additional Aldrya and Aldrya XL Photos







Additional Info on Aldrya

Aldrya is the goddess of the primal forests and of the Aldryami (the dryads, elves, ents, nyads, sylphs, etc.). Her followers believe that were she not worshipped, all forests and woodlands would wither and die. She is the ancestral goddess of all Aldryami (except possibly the ents), and nearly all of them participate in her cult. She rules in almost all regions where trees dominate: pine forests, deciduous woodlands, and tropical jungles. She commands everything within the woods including plants, animals, wells and springs, bright glades and dappled glens, emptiness and shadow, ghosts and terrifying spirits.

Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $280.00 (Aldyra)  $285 (Aldrya XL)



Thickness Options:

1/8″ – $0





Steel Options:
01 – $0

Grind Options:

Scandi – Default Grind

Flat – $20 (Default finish for flat grinds is a belt finish unless hand finish is specified)


Handles (Micarta):

Green Canvas – $0

Black Canvas – $0

Natural Canvas – $0

Red Linen – $0

G10 – $0

Maroon Linen – $10

Handles (Wood):

Cocobolo – $20

Bocote – $20

African Blackwood – $25

Stabilized Curly Birch – $90

Desert Ironwood – $40

Desert Ironwood Burl – $65

Curly Maple – $25

Cherry – $20

Walnut – $20

Maple – $20

Something else in mind? I can do almost anything you want. Contact us for pricing.


Stainless (default on micarta and G10) - $0

Brass (default on woods) – $0

Mosaic – $20 (see this link for styles)


Blue – $5

Black- $5

White- $5

Red- $5


Normal Foldover sheath – $0

No Sheath – (subtract $20)

Matching Firesteel (Army Sized Light My Fire Blank) – $25