The Badger

Because it is awful small, but could be full of fight, if needed : )


When I designed my Whitetail Skinner, I designed it with the intent to be a dedicated hunting knife. However, due to the wide steel, flat grind, and comfortable handle, I just could not stop using it for EVERYTHING. It is one cool cutting knife, and I wanted it everywhere with me.


But, I felt it was a touch too large to have on my belt all the time, everywhere I go. So, I started playing with a similar, but more compact version.

First, the blade shape is basically the same, but has been shortened. It contains the same 1/8” stock and high flat grind.


Next, was the handle. If I put my normal “two swell” handle on this knife, I would have had to lengthen the butt to go beyond the hand. In order to keep it compact, I stopped that butt right at the hand. In order to keep it comfortable, I kept the forward swell (and guard) and made a bulb-like rear portion of the handle.


It works out very well, and I am very happy with it. It is a mean cutter, capable of a lot of work, yet is very compact in size. I can’t ask for much more than that.


Additional Specs:

Blade Length: 2 5/8”

Overall Length: 6 3/8”

Thickness: 1/8”

Grind: Full Flat grind, with polish convex secondary bevel.

Steel: O1

More Badger pictures (shown with flat ground bushcrafter)

Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $290.00



Thickness Options:

1/8″ – $0

5/32″ – $5



Steel Options:
01 – $0

Grind Options:



Flat – $0 (Default) (Default finish for flat grinds is a belt finish unless hand finish is specified)

Handles (Micarta):

Green Canvas – $0

Black Canvas – $0

Natural Canvas – $0

Red Linen – $0

G10 – $0

Maroon Linen – $10

Handles (Wood):

Cocobolo – $20

Bocote – $20

African Blackwood – $25

Stabilized Curly Birch – $90

Desert Ironwood – $40

Desert Ironwood Burl – $65

Curly Maple – $25

Maple – $20

Cherry – $20

Walnut – $20

Something else in mind? I can do almost anything you want. Contact us for pricing.



Stainless (default on micarta and G10) - $0

Brass (default on woods) – $0

Mosaic – $20 (see this link for styles)


Blue – $5

Black- $5

White- $5

Red- $5

1/8″ Black Paper Linen – $10 (see this link for example)


Normal Foldover sheath – $0

No Sheath – (subtract $20)

Matching Firesteel (Army Sized Light My Fire Blank) – $25