The Bushcrafter

The name really says it all, doesn’t it?


This is the knife that started me in making my own knives in the first place. If you can’t tell by the title of my website, pursuing Bushcraft is where I spend a huge amount of my time. I have several bushcraft knives, but was never fully content with any of them.


The ones that I thought I would like most were either not being made any longer (by custom makers) or was going to take a couple years of waiting to get.


So, my Bushcrafter has the features that I think are important based on the usage of many other knives.


What is a bushcrafter without a scandi grind? I like other grinds for other knives, but this is pretty much a requirement for this one. I grind mine at 12.5 degrees per side, and shine them up as much as I can with machinery. It is scary sharp.


The continuous curve blade shape. You don’t have know the physics behind why this works to appreciate it. While keeping the overall narrow aspects of a bushcraft knife, I have incorporated a continuous curve to the edge. This improves the slicing ability often used in bushcraft.


Handle swells. Next to having a hair popping edge, a comfortable handle is the most important thing. I think some people have been turned off by handle swells because of them being done improperly. Like everything else, they have to fit. When I wrap my hand around my knife, there are no gaps, no hot spots, no room for movement of any sort. When you doing harder push cuts, or handling the knife for a long period of time, you will really appreciate a properly shaped handle.


Forward taper scales. This makes the chest high grip and the reverse chest high grip much more comfortable. One grip is about finesse, and one is about accuracy and power. I can’t imagine not using either of these grips, and think that they cannot be fully utilized without incorporating this feature.


Other Bushcrafter images:

Box Elder Burl

Full Flat ground version (shown with a Badger)

Curly Birch (shown with Boy’s First Knife)

Matching Firesteel.

Additional Specs:

Blade Length: 4.25”

Overall Length: 9”

Thickness: 1/8” or 5/32”

Grind: 12.5 degrees per side

Steel: O1

Pricing and Options:

Base Knife Price: $290.00



Thickness Options:

1/8″ – $0

5/32″ – $5



Steel Options:
01 – $0

Grind Options:

Scandi – Default Grind



Flat – $20 (Default finish for flat grinds is a belt finish unless hand finish is specified)

Handles (Micarta):

Green Canvas – $0

Black Canvas – $0

Natural Canvas – $0

Red Linen – $0

Maroon Linen – $10

G10 – $0

Handles (Wood):

Cocobolo – $20

Bocote – $20

African Blackwood – $25

Stabilized Curly Birch – $90

Desert Ironwood – $40

Desert Ironwood Burl – $65

Curly Maple – $25

Maple – $20

Cherry – $20

Walnut – $20

Something else in mind? I can do almost anything you want. Contact us for pricing.



Stainless (default on micarta and G10) - $0

Brass (default on woods) – $0

Mosaic – $20 (see this link for styles)


Blue – $5

Black- $5

White- $5

Red- $5

1/8″ Black Paper Linen – $10 (see this link for example)

Foldover sheath – $0 (specify if you want a firesteel loop added to the sheath. Otherwise it comes without).

Dangler (same as foldover sheath but with detachable dangler loop) – $5

No Sheath – (subtract $20)

Matching Firesteel (Army Sized Light My Fire Blank) – $25