Off The Map Custom Knives

It was hard to actually start considering myself a “knifemaker.” It is all a project that unintentionally snowballed for me. It started with me getting frustrated trying to obtain the ULTIMATE bushcraft knife. I liked a single aspect of many different knives, but there was never one that put it together all in one package.

So, I decided to build one myself. I liked doing it so much, that I couldn’t stop! While I do lots of other styles, I would have to say that I specialize in the full tang scandi. Mainly because it was never widely available here in the US.
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Current Knife Styles (click on titles to learn more)

The Bushcrafter


The Terrasuar (Designed by Joe Flowers)

Anorexic Terrasaur

The North Star




Skog Kniven (“Forest Knife”)

Stick Tang

Tony’s Bushcrafter

The Slim Jim

Patch Knife

Scandi Neck Knife

Captain Jack


Whitetail Skinner

Whitetail Skinner II

The Camp Boner

A Boy’s First Knife

The Badger

The Badger Lite

Aldrya and Aldray XL