28th Feb, 2010

Vintage Plumb Axe Available

When it comes to axes, I am always saying forget the Gransfors :D If you want the best of the best, find a vintage American made axe, and make it your own! Well, this one is a beauty.

This one is a pretty good find. I came across it on eBay. When I saw the condition and shape of the head (and the fact that the poll had not been used as a hammer), I had to snatch it up.

After receiving it, I decided not to keep it. Why? Because it is almost identical to one I currently own :D In can be hard to tell dimensions through pictures, and I was not buying it in person. But, every single line of the head, and weight is exactly identical to my post used axe. So, instead of putting it back up on eBay, I figured I would rather let folks I know have a crack at it first. I will pass it along for exactly what I paid for it, $90 shipped CONUS. If you are interested in it, just shoot me an email at briangandrews at comcast dot net.

The handle is 27″ long. It is nice and tight in the head, but it is an older handle. If I were to keep it, I would use it as is for awhile before I considered re-handling it (just because it is nice and tight).

Check out the nice, un-pounded on poll :D

The edge geometry is perfect. Just needs a touch of sharpening. I can do that for you, if interested, although it does make shipping a razor a pain in the butt!

Here it is along side my Gransfors SFA for a size comparison.


That old Plumb is a beauty. Hard to believe the poll is so square and unblemished. I’ve bought and sold axes on eBay and, in general, people used their axes HARD (or never sell the good ones!). But I’m saving my money for one of your bushcrafters.

By, the way, the photographs on your site are incredible. Meaning well-lit and very detailed! I especially like the in-the-hand shots and comparisons. Please think about putting the Whitetail and Whitetail II in a photograph together. And maybe all the bushcraft knives.

When you have a chance, you might consider adding the weight of your knives to their respective pages. And maybe the width of the blades (I’m not talking about the thickness of the spines; you already list that). Any info you might care to go into about heat-treating is appreciated, now that you offer different steels. And users are always interested in testing.

Anyway, thanks for the time and effort you have put into the site.


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I noticed a lantern in several of your photos. Can you tell me what kind of lantern that is and where I might get one.

If you could email me that would be great.


That is a Britelyt lantern. Very cool!

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