1st Jan, 2009

Michigan UP Camping – Part 2

Here are some more setup pictures of camp now that it is setup.

Here are the snow anchors in action.

The tipi has a extra material on the bottom. During warm weather, I turn it inwards, stake it down, then overlap the floor. During snow, you are supposed to flip it outward, and pile snow on top of it.

Here are a couple more random camp pictures.

The campground road, if you can tell it is a road.

The first night, the temperature only got down to about 21 deg F. I got to spend the night in my new Christmas present, a Wiggy’s Super Lite 0 deg bag. I will probably do a separate report on the Wiggy’s with the good, bad and indifferent all about it.

The next morning we woke up and did the fun task of melting snow. It is one camp chore than I am not a big fan of :D

We would gross filter out the larger chunks just with a handkerchief. It didn’t really matter, but I thought the shapes it would freeze in were quite funny.

To Be Continued…….In Part 3.


Wonderful pictures – I envy your getting a chance to get out and sleep in the wilds for the night!

Happy New Year,


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