16th Oct, 2008

A New Axe Sheath

Quite a while ago, I posted on how I ruined my GB SFA sheath.

I figured I would do the safe thing, and keep the sheath on, while pounding in the stakes for my tipi. As the sheath aged, it got some slop in it. I did not realize until after the fact, that every time I hit something, the sheath hit the razor sharp edge just as hard.

Before long, I felt a whole lot of slop, and noticed the edge sticking out of the sheath.

I have been meaning to make a new one. But, I have been lazy, and the sheath got the gaffer’s tape treatment :D

Since modifying my S&N Pen Bay axe, the GB has fell out of favor as my favorite axe. Now that I have the motivation to stitch some leather, it is for the S&N.

The sheath that came with the S&N was more of a “guard” than a sheath. Plus, it doesn’t even have a welt. So, I figured its life expectancy was not going to be that long :D

I have to admit. I heavily stole the design from the one that JRE Industries makes for the GB Mini. I am not a big fan of molding leather. It is never as easy as it looks. So, I would have much rather just paid the boys at JRE for a sheath. But, since they did not have one for this particular axe, shipping this thing back and forth would cost more than the sheath itself :D Time to just make it myself.

It turned out good, but not great. If I ever had to make another, I am sure it would come out better. But, isn’t that always the case?


i want one just like it

I am in the process of building an scabbard for my firemans axe. I have been looking for a swivel that is used to allow it to pivot and not be fixed in one location. I am not sure if you may know where I can find this. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you for your time.

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