4th Dec, 2012

Stormy Kromer

Stormy Kromer caps are made in Michigan. It is something every outdoorsman in Michigan should probably own. The further north, the less excuse you have :) I have lived my whole life in Michigan, and have somehow managed to not own one of these. I have eyed them for a long time, but never purchased one.

Finally, I made the decision to get one. Mostly because, as much as I don’t like to admit it, on the course of a normal work day, taking the kids to school, going to work, stuff after work, I don’t spend a ton of time outdoors. Days like that it is too cold to not wear a warm hat, but sometimes a little overkill to go wearing the full stocking cap. I was looking for something warm, comfortable, and that I liked the looks of. I don’t mind the wool caps (like the Scottish Driving Caps) but most people associate those things with golfers, of which I don’t want to be included :)

Looking through the models, I knew I wanted to get the Mackinaw. I figure if I want a cold weather hat, I want it to be for cold weather. Might as well get the warmest. I am also a sucker for the color that SK calls “Olive” and it is nicely trimmed in tan.


Since I wanted the Mackinaw, the only way to get it was to order it on-line. I found a couple local places that carry SK’s, but they all carried the standard model. I did try a couple on, but all the ones that I found were one size larger than the one I thought I would need. So, it was a little scary ordering a hat and hoping that it fits properly, and that was probably one of the things that has kept me from one for so long. My biggest fear was that this one would show up too tight, not having tried on this exact size before.

When it showed up, I pulled it out of the box and it felt awesome. Nice wool, and the interior was super soft. Almost felt like a merino, even though I know it is not. SK states the liner is 100% soft cotton. Plopped it on the noggin. Wow! It felt great. Like a hat that had been broken in for years. Seriously. Only one issue…..it still felt a tad bigger than I would have liked.

I thought about it for a few and figured I would live with it. Then, I thought about the flaps that tie in front. I undid them, tied them closer together and tried again. Too tight! Bit that is a good thing, because somewhere in between is easy, and was where I needed it to be. I got it tweaked in just right and it is awesome!!!! It is actually quite cool that you have that little bit of adjustment available to you.


A couple other things I learned in the paperwork that came with it. Made in the US (knew that) lifetime warranty and it came with a 3 year insurance card. If it is lost or stolen in the first 3 years they will replace it no questions asked at half price.

All on all I am happy with everything but one thing. It is in the 60′s!!! :) Highs on Wednesday will be in the 30′s though, so I will get to wear it soon :)

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